Swatch Wall

I am always working on some kind of project outside of my day job. If I am not figure drawing I am usually creating something in my apartment- for my apartment, or for some upcoming show down the line. I have a need to create something with my hands, and maintain the balance of computer creativity vs. craft/ fine art creativity. The most recent project of mine was painting 81 4"x4" canvases all different colors to bring some life to my bare white walls. I love this assignment because it leaves so much room for growth and can be ever-changing. I utilized peg board to create fewer holes in my walls, and assist in the layout since it came with a built in grid system. I plan on keeping this project going, little by little and have it eventually take over a whole wall sometime in the future. I am a huge fan of using a lot of color in my work, so I brought this piece home with me to help brighten up my own space. It is also a helpful tool to create color pairings and palettes.